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                   ON THE ROAD WITH BRADLEY DITTO IN 2018


          WINTER 2018  {SMOKEY MT's, USA}  Contemporary singer, songwriter and musical showman

Bradley Ditto - who has a penchant for fervent songs tinged with social commentary is still out promoting

his current, "I'm Awake" CD, ( ) with continued support of his, "Depth Of Perception" CD.

                                   For exact dates and locations, contact Bradley Ditto at;   


      Highlights of his touring will include radio & live performances in the following areas.

            (NC, SC, GA, TN) SE region January 2018 to February 2018

            (NC, SC, GA, TN) SE region November '16 thru December 2017

            N. Carolina/SC/*FL- March thru early *Aug & late Oct to November 2016

            (NC, SC, GA, TN, *FL) SE region - August '14 thru Dec 2015 & *Jan to Mar 2016

            New York, Connecticut -  Mid June to August 2014   

                     N. Carolina - Late January (NC, SC, GA, TN, FL) SE region thru mid June 2014

                     S.  Florida - (NC, FL) NC early & late January, FL to St. John, USVI to FL mid Jan, 2014

                     N. Carolina - (NC, SC, GA, TN, FL) SE region...September thru December 2013

                     N. Carolina - Early to late August 2013 then NY. NY. thru to September 2013

                     Colorado - Early to mid August 2012 then (NC, SC, GA, TN, FL) 2012 thru July 2013

                     S.  Florida - Mid December 2011 thru February 2012 (NC, SC, GA, TN, FL) on thru 2012

                     N. Carolina - April - & around SE region (NC, SC, GA, TN, FL) thru 2011

                     S.  Florida - Mid March to and out thru 2011

                     N. Carolina - Late February to early March 2011

                     Georgia - Mid to late February 2011 (Atlanta area)

                     N. Carolina - Early October to Early February 2011

                     S.  Florida - Late September to early October 2010

                     N. Carolina - Mid July to mid September 2010

                     S.  Florida - Early to mid July 2010

                     N. Carolina - Late March thru (Chicago late April) June 2010

                     California - Late January to mid March 2010

                      S.  Florida - Mid November to late January 2010

                      N. Carolina - Early September to early November (in & around Asheville area)

                       S.  Florida - Early August to early September (tri county area)

                      N. Carolina - Early July to early August 2009 (in & around Asheville area)

                       N . Florida - South East Tour ( GA, TN, NC, SC, FL,) Late April to mid June 2009

                       S.  Florida - Late February to Late April 2009

                        S. California - Mid January to mid February 2009

                        S.  Florida - Late August ( late Sept Costa Rica) to mid Jan 2009

                         New York/Conn. - Late July to mid August 2008

                         S.  Florida  - Late March thru late July 2008

                         S. California - Mid to late March 2008

                         S. Florida - Mid June - mid July - Early August thru mid March 2008

                         N. California - Late May thru early June 2007

                          S. Florida - Mid March thru mid May 2007

                          Arizona - Early March 2007

                           S. California - Mid to late February 2007

                           S. Florida - Mid November '06 to mid February 2007

                           S. California - Late October thru mid November 2006

                            Nashville - Mid October 2006

                            S. Florida - June thru mid September 2006

                           Europe - 'OVER THE POND AND BEYOND' Radio PROMO Tour - End of March thru May 2006

                           Los Angeles, California - thru mid March 2006

                            S. Florida - Late October 2005 thru February 2006

                           Pacific Northwest Promo trip - WA, ID, MT - Late September to mid October 2005

                    South by Midwest by Northeast by Southeast Radio PROMO Tour 

                    Nashville-Chicago-MI-OH-PA-DC-New York-VA-NC-GA-FL - Mid June thru August 2005


"Bradley has a flawless command of his music and his instrument", said Gary Mandell, former producer of McCabe's Variety Night shows and the man behind Boulevard Music, one of LA's newest music venues. "He's a high energy performer, and his lively interaction with the audience makes for a great show." 

Besides appearances at both McCabe's and Boulevard Music, Ditto appeared four times on the nationally syndicated Malibu Folk Radio Show with the late Brian May. He also appeared on Today in LA, NBC-TV Weekend. Radio KLOS listeners voted his third album, "Daydream," the "Best of Local Licks" on Joe Benson's program in 1997.  

Ditto signs with well-known Miami entertainment attorney                  

Ditto moved up the scale on the American music scene in 2001 when he signed an exclusive representation agreement with nationally recognized entertainment attorney Allen Jacobi in Miami. "Ditto is a "one of a kind" talent, reminiscent of Bob Dylan," said Jacobi.

"Bradley is not like any other musician, yet if I have to say who he reminds me of, he has elements of Dylan," adds Jacobi, who at this time, was also president of Pyramid Records, a Warner distributed label. "Bradley is an original all the way; yet, at the same time, he has the comfortable and familiar feel of an old friend."

Connecting with Jacobi is good news for Ditto. Though he's earned a coast-to-coast reputation as a traditional troubadour with his annual tours across the country, he's certain to reach even more people now with every new release.

"This is a guy who has 'slipped through the media cracks' and should be on the national charts," said Jacobi, who also works with greats like Joe Walsh, Robert Palmer and the Doobie Brothers. "Hopefully, we can change that!"

Ditto's previous projects, "Delicate Transition & Depth of Perception" have earned an impressive share of air time and positive reviews in a variety of popular venues since their release. Now, with Ditto's new release, "I'm Awake" being played on more and more AAA & FOLK radio program play lists, both here and abroad, DJ's and listeners alike are 'waking up' to the tunes of Bradley Ditto. "In other words, a virtuosic performance," says John McLaughlin. Read more of what John McLaughlin (folk alliance) had to add; , new CD reviews.

What other musicians say about Ditto                                                                            

Ditto has also played with and been noticed by some of the top names on the music business. Tiran Porter, former bass player with the Doobie Brothers, said, "I've played with Bradley often since his first album, and I'm on his third one. The next time he needs a bass player, I'm in," said Porter.

Ditto's first album, "Check Me Out," was produced in 1987 by David Briggs and Tim Mulligan {Neil Young's record producers}, but was never picked up by a major label. It features English piano wizard Nicky Hopkins, bassist Michael Been, drummer Scott Musick of the Call, Gene Barnholt of Lacy J. Dalton Gang, percussionist Joe Lala, the horns of Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, and the vocal arrangements of David Blumberg.

Ditto returns to Nashville                                                             

When returning to Nashville, Ditto performs at times as a guest artist at the Blue Bird Cafe' and other favorite venues around Nashville. He also has the support of Rich Cua, President of Nashville's UCA Records. "Bradley is a polished singer and an inspired songwriter," said Cua, a bassist formerly with The Outlaws. 'Bradley is a cross between Cat Stevens and Roxy's Brian Ferry, or reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot; yet, his well-structured arrangements and productions are distinctly different."

How to hear Bradley Ditto                                                            

To order copies of Ditto's (CDs) available on Clean Records, call (323) 993-7191; American Express, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


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Bradley Ditto is represented by, Big Beat Productions, Inc. Contact Richard Lloyd in Artist Management @ Tel #; (954) 755-7759, e-mail:, web:, Press coverage is welcome. For a more in-depth article, an interview with Ditto, or complete schedule of appearances, times and locations, please contact Richard Lloyd above or go to Clean Records web page: For questions concerning performance bookings, contact business manager Mike Rogers at (305) 923-1344 or e-mail:


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