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...going where? headin' down roads less traveled...

WINTER '17-2018  + SEE overview 'ABOUT ME' page!   *feel free* to e-mail me with specific performance questions! bradleyditto@bradleyditto.com 

YEAR 2004 thru JAN           2018...see below! 

FEBRUARY                          2004     SAN DIEGO ( FA Conference )

MARCH (early to mid)           2004     LA / Santa Monica, ( recording )

MARCH (end) Mid APRIL      2004     SOUTH FLORIDA

APRIL (mid) to MAY             2004      ROAD TRIP ( Tn, W.Ky, S. Ill, )

MAY  (14th)                         2004     MIAMI ( www.wallflowergallery.com )

JUNE (19th)                         2004     NW. CHICAGO ( 1st Steve Goodman Festival )( www.jguitars.com )

JUNE (23rd)                        2004     NY, NY (  www.bitterend.com )

JULY (early) AUGUST          2004     NEW ENGLAND

AUGUST (late) thru SEPT     2004     ROAD TRIP ( N. California, Washington )



8/27  90.3fm KDVS RADIO on 'Cool As Folk' w/Cornelius @ 8am  http://www.KDVS.org  

PLUS: In House Concert, 8pm, Davis, CA Info Tel #: 530-747-0617 (Rita Hosking & friends opening)

9/10  89.3fm,KAOS RADIO on 'Red, Hot & Blue' w/Bryan @ 6-8pm http://www.kaos.evergreen.edu 

Olympia, WA  Off Tel #: 360-867-6888

9/17  91.5fm, KKUP RADIO on 'FOLK OFF' w/David Stafford @ 3:30pm: http://www.kkup.com                                                

THE PEOPLES RADIO, Cupertino, CA  'On Air' Request Tel #: 408-260-2999 


OCTOBER (early) to mid          2004     N. ILLINOIS / CHICAGO area

OCTOBER (early) NOV            2004     LOS ANGELES / Santa Monica ( recording )

NOVEMBER (mid) thru DEC     2004     SOUTH FLORIDA

LATE JANUARY (mid) FEB     2005      LOS ANGELES / Santa Monica ( recording )

FEBRUARY (mid) to late MAR 2005      SOUTH FLORIDA

APRIL (early to mid month)      2005      LOS ANGELES / Santa Monica ( recording )

APRIL (mid) to mid JUNE        2005      SOUTH FLORIDA

JUNE (mid) thru AUGUST       2005      PROMO ROAD TRIP / South-Midwest-East-North East-South East-RADIO TOUR! 

SEPTEMBER  on radio              2005       LIVE on WLRN 91.3fm  9/18 @ 3pm W/ Michael Stock

                     on stage                             THE MAIN STREET CAFE, 9/23 in Homestead, Florida

SEPTEMBER (late to mid) OCT  2005      PACIFIC NORTHWEST PROMO TRIP / "I'm Awake" / WA, ID, MT

 OCTOBER (late) thru FEB        2006      SOUTH FLORIDA / putting the pieces of the puzzle together again for 2006

 FEBRUARY (late to mid) MAR  2006       LOS ANGELES / all sorts of music related stuff


                          'OVER THE POND AND BEYOND' RADIO PROMO TRIP for " I'm Awake " CD***RADIO DRIVEN***

JUNE (to mid or late) SEPT      2006       SOUTH FLORIDA / time with the tunes & a few tri-county performances with friends.

OCTOBER (early to mid)           2006       NASHVILLE / 'sitting in' with some friends and seeing the fall

OCTOBER (late to mid) NOV     2006       SOUTH CALIFORNIA / writing and 'sitting in'

NOVEMBER (mid) thru DEC      2006        SOUTH FLORIDA / reflection

JANUARY (late to late) FEB    2007         CAL + / W-COAST performances with friends @ Writers Boot Camp Auditorium.

Santa Monica  on stage @                           FOLK-TACULAR!  Feb 18 w / Wendy Waldman, Freebo, Robert Morgan Fisher & more!

MARCH (early to mid)              2007         ARIZONA / PHOENIX & TUCSON, http://www.KXCI.org  91.3FM @ 2PM, 3/04/07

'LIVE' RADIO on KXCI 91.3fm, Tucson AZ, with Henry Hallett  http://www.myspace.com/simplefolk_kxci @ 2PM, 3/04/07

MARCH (late to mid) MAY        2007         SOUTH FLORIDA / jammin

MAY (late to mid) JUNE           2007         NORTHERN CALIFORNIA / Bay Area & surrounding counties   

JUNE (mid to late) DEC            2007         SOUTH FLORIDA / tri-county performances 

JANUARY (to mid) MARCH      2008         SOUTH FLORIDA / tri-county, w/Rod MacDonald, Solo, the FREEDOM RIDERS!!!

MARCH (mid to late)                 2008         SOUTH CALIFORNIA / LA to Orange County to BIG BEAR LAKE

MARCH (late to late) JULY       2008         SOUTH FLORIDA / tri-county performances + Lake Worth Music Fest 4/26 @ 2pm

JULY (late to mid) AUGUST      2008         NEW YORK/CONN...sharing the muze...surprise visits and adventures!

AUGUST (late-mid Sept) DEC    2008         SOUTH FLORIDA / FRB & some sittin' in w/BBBand. To Costa Rica, end of Sept 08'

JANUARY (mid to mid) FEB       2009         CAL + / W-COAST surprise performances, biz, tracking, soul friends....hugs!

FEBRUARY (late to late) APRIL 2009         SOUTH FLORIDA / tri-county performances, Solo, w/Rod MacDonald + ol' friends

APRIL (late to mid) JUNE          2009         SOUTH EAST TOUR / N. FL, GA, TN, NC, SC, S. FL /some radio - keep an ear tuned!   

JULY (early to mid) AUGUST     2009         N. CAROLINA / in & around Asheville area mixin' it up!

AUGUST (mid to early) SEPT      2009         SOUTH FLORIDA / tri-county...workin' on tunes

SEPT (early to) NOVEMBER       2009         N. CAROLINA / Asheville area layin' it down...via FL, GA, SC, road trip

NOVEMBER (mid to late) JAN     2010         SOUTH FLORIDA / tri-county and else where...sittin' in an layin' it down!

FEBRUARY (mid)  MARCH           2010         SOUTH CALIFORNIA / LA to Orange County

MARCH (thru) JUNE                   2010         N. CAROLINA / western area mostly...and around southeast...

http://www.Tropicwaveradio.net   with 'Java' John 3/29/10 noon, Melbourne, FL...

JULY (early to mid)                     2010          SOUTH FLORIDA / performance in the Sanctuary Hollywood, FL w/friends

JULY (mid to mid) SEPT               2010          N. CAROLINA / in and around the SW, 'horse country' area...mixin' it up!

SEPT (late to early) OCT             2010          SOUTH FLORIDA / back at the Sanctuary Hollywood, FL w/ol' friends!

OCT (early to mid) FEB                2011          N. CAROLINA / back n SW horse country pickin' with new friends...

FEB (mid to late) FEB                   2011          GEORGIA / Atlanta area...

MARCH (early to mid)                  2011          N. CAROLINA / short visit then to south FL and beyond

MARCH (mid to early) APRIL       2011          SOUTH FLORIDA / in and out thru 2011

APRIL (to mid) DECEMBER          2011          SOUTH EAST REGION / NC-SC-TN-GA-FL & beyond w/new players & friends

DECEMBER (mid to late) FEB       2012          SOUTH FLORIDA / in and out thru 2012

MARCH (early thru) JULY           2012          GA-SC-NC-TN-FL (SE region - spring on thru summer 2012)

AUGUST (early to mid)                2012          COLORADO then  GA-SC-NC-TN-FL (SE region-autumn thru most 2012)

JANUARY (thru) JULY               2013          GA-SC-NC-TN-FL (SE region - winter thru most 2013) Late JULY, Atlantis Resort

AUGUST (early to late)               2013          N. Carolina thru third week then NY. NY., thru end of August 2013

SEPTEMBER (thru to) DEC          2013          GA-SC-NC-TN-FL (SE region - summer & most autumn thru 2013 + Tampa late Dec)

JANUARY (thru to) FEB             2014          NC-FL-USVI ( NC early & late Jan > S. FL to St. John, USVI to S. FL mid January)

FEBRUARY (to mid)  JUNE         2014          GA-SC-NC-TN-FL (SE region 'over the river and through the woods') n back again!

JUNE (mid to) AUGUST              2014          NEW YORK (down state) - CONNECTICUT ( a neighborhood near the BIG pond? )

AUGUST ('14 thru) DEC              2015        GA-SC-NC-TN-FL* (SE region) with new places 

JANUARY (*to) MARCH             2016          FL*-NC-SC-GA (SE region) & once again with ol' friendly faces

MARCH (thru) NOV                     2016          NC-SC-FL*(early *Aug & late Oct)

NOVEMBER ('16 thru) DEC         2017          GA-SC-NC ( rollin' forward...onward, inward  ) w/..heart womb of Mother Earth!

JANUARY (to) FEBRUARY         2018          GA-SC-NC ( a fresh new page...off we go!)

 'LIVE' @ TFAC w/special guests? 10/21/16   'Click' Events Calendar...scroll down a bit!   < Previous date: 10/30/14 >

Carolina Mountain Ribfest July 15, 2012 @ 5pm, Fletcher (Asheville) Fairgrounds...click Entertainment/scroll down!

'LIVE' RADIO on WLRN 91.3fm, Miami FL, with Michael Stock  http://www.wlrn.org folk & acoustic show @ 4pm, *01/31/2016. Previous 'live' interview and performance was on, 9/09/07.

The KingPup RADIO Show Log Cabin Music Series http://www.radioYUR.com hosts Phil & Gaye Johnson, recorded 'live' 10/09/11


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                                       **** UPDATE THIS MONTH  "WE ARE THE PEOPLE" YOUTUBE 7/22/2016  ****

  Align yourself now in 2018 with the principles that govern you as sovereign flesh and blood...STAND UP!  "I'm Awake" @ CDBABY!


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