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05' released August 1: ' I'M AWAKE '        Clean                               Rik B / B. L. Henrickson  

03' Release: "Depth of Perception"             Clean                               Rik B / B. L. Henrickson

97’ Release: “Delicate Transition”               Clean                         Steve Gursky / B. L. Henrickson

93’ Release: “Daydream"                             Clean                         David Gibson / B. L. Henrickson

91’ Release: “Acoustic”                                Clean                P. von Weigandt / Greg Steel / B. L. Henrickson

87’ Release: “Check Me Out”                High Fire / Clean                  David Briggs / Tim Mulligan


w/ Kenny Rankin

w/ Richie Havens

w/ Neil Young & Crazy Horse

w/ David Bromberg & Band

w/ David Lindley & EL Ray O X

w/ Gregg Allman & Band

w/ Leon Russell

w/ Jim Post

w/ Jerry Garcia, Merle Saunders & John Kahn


- Acoustic 6 String Martin D-28 Dreadnaught - Acoustic 12 String Guild XL 212 - Acoustic Piano -

- Open Tuning, Flat Picking, Finger Picking, Slide - Vocals & Harmony-

- { 3 & 1/2 octave range: E to B above middle C }

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           This page song loop, 'I Love the Rain', is from the, 'Acoustic' CD, CR1001 

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